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Welcome to my website, about work, life, and other stuff.

It's a personal website, so while some of the stuff here related to my work, much of it does not. On the whole, you'll find things about education, open access, digital technology and ICT, as well as about media, maths and science, across primary, secondary and higher education, both in European, African, and global contexts. If you dig for long enough, you'll also find things about music, languages, and archaeology.

You can contact me by email: bjoern (followed by AT sign) sciencemedianetwork (then a DOT) org

Note that this website is built on MediaWiki, and if you poke around for long enough, you'll also find the content is hosted on my wiki, which is a bit more experimental (and rough and ready) than the bits of the site that are my "official" website. The wiki links are marked with a little globe like this:.


B's blog, most recent: 20170302 T-TEL TPD Programme

T-TEL TPD Programme

A short video on the T-TEL Tutor Professional Development programme:

The resources mentioned are here: http://oer.t-tel.org.

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Featured video:
21st Century Learning in Zambia

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