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Prompts, Probes and Encouragement
  1. Prompts: Things you may need to remind the interviewee about.
  2. Probes: Getting the interviewee to say more about a particular topic.
  3. Verbal & non-verbal cues: encouraging the interviewee to continue

1. Prompts (Ready-prepared things to mention if the interviewee hasn't already done so)

These will be specific to your research design and the particular questions you are asking. You should have the different dimensions of possible answers to your questions in your mind, and if some are not mentioned, be prepared to say something like: 'You haven't mentioned X: what do you feel about that?'

2. Probes (Follow-Up questions)

Examples of Detail-oriented probes:

Examples of Elaboration probes

Examples of Clarification probes

3. Verbal and non-verbal cues to continue

These will be specific to different cultures, but could involve, for example, nodding, smiling, maintaining eye-contact, saying 'uh-huh' or 'I see' in an encouraging way.

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